Android App Development with ionic -5


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  1. 4 hr Video tutorial සෙට් එක
  2. Graphic fills
  3. pdf
  4. images
  5. Source code
  6. Bounces Content pack
  7. whats app supports

Ionic වලින් app development කරන ආකරය මුල සිට සරලව ඉගෙන්න ගන්න.

  1. Why I need an app
  2. How to find a UI idea for my app
  3. Design your app UI Figma
  4. Developing app with ionic 5
  • We will learn how to create an ionic 5 Tab project.
  • Then, how to add graphic resources to this project. ( fonts, images, J-sone data )
  • After that, we will learn how to create the main view of the app.
Introduction UI component
    Ionic headers 
    Ionic content 
    Ionic title 
    Crate pages 
    Work with tab bar 
Create pages
  • Onboard UI design 
  • Home page 
  • Inner page 
  • About us 


Then how to create an interface model and fetch data from the local data source using   J-sone.

  •  Explain j-sone data
  •  HTTP module
  •  Router navigation module


Next, we’re going to learn how to create a detailed view to display the recipes in the app.

  • How to change splash screen and icon Android
  • AdMob intergrade
  • Export app to android


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